A diary as a best friend 1942 - 1944

Anne Frank starts keeping a diary from her thirteenth birthday. She takes the diary to the hiding place, of course. Anne enters the Secret Annex as a girl, but grows into a young woman there. She spends more time thinking about life, and records her thoughts in her diary.

Anne Frank and her diary

Anne doesn’t just keep a diary during her time in the Secret Annex. She also writes short stories and collects her favourite sentences by other writers in a notebook. Anne hopes for her diary to be published as a novel after the war. That’s why she starts rewriting it. But Anne never manages to finish it. She's discovered and arrested before she completes her work.

Anne throws herself into writing She has a diary, but also writes short stories too

Besides her diary and the stories, Anne also writes her “favorite quotes” in a separate notebook.


Rewriting for publication Anne hopes her diary might be published after the war

In May 1944, the idea of this novel takes on serious form.


Anne, the writer After the war, Anne wants to become a writer or journalist

Anne finds writing an increasingly enjoyable pursuit.


Taken seriously as a writer at last? The various versions of Anne’s diary

In 1998, the emergence of five unknown pages written by Anne Frank once again focused attention on her diary...


Anne Frank Timeline

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Anne writes:


“The nicest part is being able to write down all my thoughts and feelings; otherwise I’d absolutely suffocate”.


Anne's surroundings

Otto Frank Anne and Margot's father, Edith's husband

Otto sets up a business in the Netherlands. After that, his family can come over too.


Peter van Pels Hermann and Auguste's son

Peter is a quiet boy who likes to work with his hands.


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i find her and her and her familys story amazing and that she must of been so brave.

holly bills, 13 - london - United Kingdom - 16 Jun 2015 Comment on: Anne, the writer

I am playing the role of Anne in my local community theater and this website has really helped me get a sense of the character, so thank you for compiling all this research about the Franks!!

Anna Johnson , 14 - McMinnville - United States - 26 Jan 2015 Comment on: Anne throws herself into writing

I live in the US, and am SO inspired by her story, if only...

April, 12 - United States - 10 Nov 2014 Comment on: Anne, the writer

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