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The people in hiding

Anne and her housemates

The Frank family goes into hiding in 1942. The Van Pels family joins them a week later. The two families already know each other: Otto Frank and Hermann Van Pels are business partners. Four months later, Fritz Pfeffer is the eighth person to move into the Annex. He’s Miep Gies’ dentist.

Anne Frank Daughter of Otto and Edith, sister of Margot

Otto and Edith’s daughter, Margot’s sister Anne often plays the clown, but has a serious side too


Otto Frank Anne and Margot's father, Edith's husband

Otto sets up a business in the Netherlands. After that, his family can come over too.


Edith Frank Anne and Margot's mother, Otto's wife

Edith has trouble settling down in the Netherlands.


Margot Frank Daughter of Otto and Edith, sister of Anne

Otto and Edith’s daughter, Anne’s sister Margot is a quiet, serious girl who enjoys studying.


Hermann van Pels Father of Peter, husband of Auguste

Peter’s father, Auguste’s husband Hermann gets irritable when he runs out of cigarettes .


Auguste van Pels Peter’s mother, Hermann’s wife

Auguste is a stylish and rather coquettish woman


Peter van Pels Hermann and Auguste's son

Peter is a quiet boy who likes to work with his hands.


The helpers

The office staff provide help

The employees of Otto Frank’s companies help the people hiding in the Annex. They provide food and much-needed morale boosts. Without them, hiding in the Annex would have been impossible.

Miep Gies Jan Gies' wife

Miep is a secretary at Otto Frank’s company, Opekta


Bep Voskuijl Johan Voskuijl’s daughter

Bep is a secretary for Otto's company Pectacon.


Jo Kleiman Accountant for Opekta and Pectacon

Always cheerful and upbeat, despite being plagued by stomach ulcers


Victor Kugler Opekta employee

Victor, with Jo, takes care of security and finances for the people hiding in the Annex.


Jan Gies Miep Gies' husband

Jan provides the people in the Annex with coupons for food and clothing.


Other people

The old and new warehouse managers

Warehouse manager Johan Voskuijl knows about the people in the Secret Annex, and helps them. He’s forced to stop working due to illness. Willem van Maaren takes his place, and no one in the Annex trusts him.

Johan Voskuijl Bep’s father

Johan works for Otto Frank as a warehouse manager.

Van Maaren

Willem van Maaren Takes over from Johan Voskuijl as warehouse manager

The people in the Annex, and the helpers, don’t trust him.