Peter van Pels

Peter is born on 8 November 1926 in Osnabrück, near the Dutch border. He has no brothers or sisters.

Lazy and squeamish?

Anne's initial impression is that Peter is lazy and hypersensitive. "We die laughing about Peter, one day he has lumbago, next day he has a blue tongue and itches and so on." And "Peter has something wrong with his foot again, that softy, and it's easy to see that he is in love."

Peter met vriendjes

Peter does a lot of odd-jobs

Anne's traditional Saint Nicholas Day poem of December 5, 1943 describes a very different, active Peter. He chops wood, carries up vegetables and potatoes from downstairs, cleans the attic, takes care of the cats and even washes his own overalls.


Peter's plans for the future

In February 1944 Peter mentions his idea "to go to the Dutch East Indies and live on a rubber plantation." "He just doesn't have a goal, plus he thinks he's too stupid and inferiar to ever achieve anything. Poor boy!" states Anne.


November 8, 1926

Peter van Pels is born in Osnabrück (Germany).

July 26, 1937

Peter emigrates with his parents to the Netherlands.

July 13, 1942

Peter goes into hiding in the secret annex.

August 4, 1944

All eight people in hiding are arrested.

August 8, 1944

Peter and the other people in hiding arrive in Westerbork (the Netherlands).

September 3, 1944

Deportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp (in German-occupied Poland).

September 6, 1944

Arrival at Auschwitz. Peter survives the selection.

Round about January 18, 1945

When Auschwitz is evacuated Peter must join the so-called ‘death march’. Everyone who can walk must march to concentration camps further in the West.

January 25, 1945

Peter is registered at Mauthausen concentration camp (Austria).

10 May, 1945

Peter dies in Mauthausen

Hermann van Pels Father of Peter, husband of Auguste

Peter’s father, Auguste’s husband Hermann gets irritable when he runs out of cigarettes .


Auguste van Pels Peter’s mother, Hermann’s wife

Auguste is a stylish and rather coquettish woman


Anne Frank Daughter of Otto and Edith, sister of Margot

Otto and Edith’s daughter, Margot’s sister Anne often plays the clown, but has a serious side too


Anne writes: