First to Westerbork, then to Auschwitz.

Deported to the camps

Camp Westerbork Westerbork is a transit camp: from here Jews, gypsies, and members of the Resistance in the Netherlands are deported to the concentration and extermination camps.
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“Of course, all of us had to work in the camp, but in the evenings we were free and we could be together. For the children especially, there was a certain relief; to no longer be cooped up and to be able to talk to other people. However, we adults feared being deported to the notorious camps in Poland." Otto Frank

To camp Westerbork

On August 8, 1944, the eight people in hiding are taken to camp Westerbork by passenger train. Because they did not report voluntarily, but had been arrested instead, they are assigned to barracks in the punishment block. They have to work all day breaking up old batteries. Even though it is grimy and unhealthy work, the prisoners can still talk to each other.More

Camp Westerbork

Deportation to camp Auschwitz

Trains regularly leave Westerbork for concentration camps further east. On Saturday September 2, 1944, the names of prisoners who must leave the following day are read aloud. Included among the 1019 names are those of the eight inhabitants of the Secret Annex.More

Transport Westerbork - Auschwitz The sign on the train.

Arrival at camp Auschwitz

On the platform at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the men and women are separated. The Nazi's doctors determine which prisoners will be killed immediately.More

Toegangspoort van kamp Auschwitz
Entrance gate of camp Auschwitz

The arrest The hiding place is discovered

The people in hiding and the two male helpers are arrested


Deported to the camps First to Westerbork, then to Auschwitz

“Of course, all of us had to work in the camp, but in the evenings we were free and we could be together...


The fate of the people in hiding Otto Frank is the sole survivor

The men are placed in one part of the camp, the women in another.


The discovery of the people in hiding Were the people in hiding betrayed?

The eight people in hiding and two of their helpers were arrested in a police raid on 4 August 1944...