From grocery shopping to raising morale.

Many tasks

Shopping list It says: black pudding, liver sausage, calf’s feet or a small calf’s head. Hermann van Pels wrote it for Miep Gies.
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The helpers arrange food, clothes, books and all sorts of other necessities. In addition, they keep the people in hiding up-to-date with the news from Amsterdam.

Anne writes:

"Miep has so much to carry she looks like a pack mule. She goes forth nearly every day to scrounge up vegetables and then bicycles back with her purchases in large shopping bags. She's also the one who brings five library books with her every Saturday...Ordinary people don't know how much books can mean to someone who's cooped up.”

Who is who?

The people in hiding and their helpers.

Main characters

Division of tasks

The four helpers divide the responsibilities. Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl see to the daily necessities. Johannes Kleiman and Victor Kugler concentrate on the safety of the people in hiding and finances for the hiding period.

Boeken die Anne tijdens de onderduik las
Miep also brings library books to the Secret Annex once a week.

Jan Gies and Mr. Voskuijl

Also Jan Gies, Miep's husband, and Johan Voskuijl, Bep's father, are involved in helping. Due to his involvement with the civil service resistance, Jan Gies is able to arrange for ration coupons. Father Voskuijl, the warehouse manager, constructs the movable bookcase to conceal the entrance to the Secret Annex.


Of course, the people in hiding need more than just food. They are also able to count on their helpers for other necessities. For instance, using her own name, Bep Voskuijl orders stenography and Latin correspondence courses for some of the people in hiding.

Cinema & Theater

Victor Kugler brings the people in hiding newspapers and magazines.  For Anne Frank,  he especially makes sure to bring a copy of Cinema & Theater magazine.  Anne writes: “Mr. Kugler makes me happy every Monday by bringing me a copy of Cinema & Theater magazine. The less worldly members of our household often refer to this small indulgence as a waste of money, yet they never fail to be surprised at how accurately I can list the actors in any given movie, even after a year."

Cinema & theater
Revues "Cinema & Theater"

Sunshine of the Secret Annex

Johannes Kleiman also brings books to the Secret Annex, and he sometimes visits on the weekend with his wife. Anne writes about Johannes Kleiman in her diary: "'When Mr. Kleiman enters a room, the sun begins to shine,' Mother said recently, and she's absolutely right.” In addition, the other helpers sometimes drop by on the weekends to keep the people in hiding company.

Four Employees Four of Otto's employees help the people hiding in the Annex

The people in hiding are helped by Otto Frank’s four employees: Miep Gies, Johannes Kleiman, Victor Kugler and Bep Voskuijl...


Many tasks From grocery shopping to raising morale

The helpers arrange food, clothes, books and all sorts of other necessities...