Otto Frank remains involved with the Anne Frank House.

To Basel

Otto and Fritzi Frank’s home.
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In 1952 Otto Frank moves to Basel in Switzerland. For nine years he lives with his family. On 10 November 1953 he marries his former neighbor and fellow Auschwitz survivor, Elfriede Geiringer, in Amsterdam. In 1962 they move to Birsfelden near Basel.

Otto Frank reconciles

Following the war, Otto Frank devotes himself to human rights and achieving mutual respect.

Otto and Fritzi on their wedding day in Amsterdam.
Otto Frank, Paul, Miep and Jan Gies in Birsfelden, 1963/1964.


Fritzi helped Otto answer thousands of letters from readers of the diary.  Otto died on the 19th of August 1980.  After his death, Fritzi continued answering letters from readers.  

Otto reads a letter Together with Fritzi, Otto answers thousands of letters from readers of Anne Frank’s diary until his death in 1980.

Anne Frank's diary is published “If she had been here, Anne would have been so proud."

In her diary, Otto reads about the plan Anne had to publish a book after the war.


The different versions of Anne’s diary

There are different versions of Anne’s diary...


A play and on film After a stage play of the Diary of Anne Frank, it is made into film in 1958

However, the book first achieves real popularity after it is adapted for the stage...

Steve Press als peter in het toneelstuk

800 times Peter van Daan Steve Press auditioned for the part of Peter van Daan in 1956

Steve Press plays Peter van Daan in the Broadway version of The Diary of Anne Frank.


Reception in America The first confrontation with the nazi regime

A wildly enthusiastic review by writer Meyer Levin in the New York Times Book Review results in sales of the diary taking-off.


Otto Frank moves to Switzerland He remains involved with the Anne Frank House

He continues to answer letters from readers of the diary until his death in 1980.


Nelson Mandela on Anne Frank and her diary

Nelson Mandela talks about the strength he derived from Anne Frank's diary  when he was imprisoned on Robben Island. 


Authenticity diary Ten questions on the authenticity of the diary of Anne Frank

A great deal of reliable information is available about Anne Frank and her diary...