The Frank family prepare the hiding place.

Preparing to go into hiding

Anne Frank Stichting
Stove Otto, Edith and Margot Frank’s room.
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In 1937 the Frank family tries to leave The Netherlands and emigrate to Great Britain and in 1938 and 1941 to the U.S.A. but fail. Eventually it becomes so dangerous for them in The Netherlands that they go into hiding. Otto and Edith Frank are prepared. They have been arranging a secret hiding place and had already planned to go into hiding with their daughters on July 16. Due to Margot's call-up, the planned date is now moved much closer.


In hiding

The Frank family, together with the Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer, went into hiding for two years.


Secret Hiding Place

The secret hiding place is nearly ready when Margot receives her call up. The next day the Frank family leave for the hiding place. They think it is too dangerous to wait any longer.

The Frank family will go into hiding in an empty section of the company premises.

The house behind Otto’s office

It is Jo Kleiman’s idea to make the house behind Otto’s office into a hiding place.

The hiding place is not only for the Franks but also for the Van Pels family: Hermann and Auguste and their son Peter. Hermann van Pels works in Otto Frank’s business.

The Secret Annex where the Frank family will go into hiding.

A Hectic Evening

The evening of July 5 is extremely hectic. Members of Otto’s staff, who know about the plan, drop by to take as many of the family’s personal possessions to the hiding place.

Final postcard sent by the Frank family to their relatives in Basel. The postmark is dated the same day the Franks left for their hiding place. In the card, they wish Lunni (Otto's sister Leni) a happy birthday, even though her birthday isn't until 8 September. The relatives in Basel understand from the card that they can no longer be in touch, but that the family is safe, and together.

Going into hiding

Very early the next morning, Margot leaves the house first and bicycles with Miep to the hiding place. A half hour later, Otto, Edith and Anne depart. They are wearing as many layers of clothing as possible and each of them carries a bag filled with the family's things. They walk to the hiding place in the pouring rain.

Naturally, Anne brings her diary. Much later, she will look back and write: “My happy-go-lucky, carefree school days are gone forever.”

Anti-Jewish measures Jews in the Netherlands face mounting restrictions

At the beginning of the Occupation, the Nazis basically let the Jews go about their business...


Anne Frank at the Jewish Lyceum Anne has attended the Jewish Lyceum since 1 October 1941.

By order of the Nazis, Jewish children are no longer allowed to attend regular schools...


Margot Frank is called up She has to go to a labour camp in Germany

On 5 July 1942, Margot Frank is called up, along with thousands of other Jews in Amsterdam...

Anne Frank Stichting

Preparing to go into hiding The Frank family prepare the hiding place

The hiding place is located in the empty part of Otto Frank's office building at 263 Prinengracht.