The diary of Anne Frank 1947

Otto often concludes his letters with the words: 'I hope Anne's book will have an effect on the rest of your life so that insofar as it is possible in your own circumstances, you will work for unity and peace.'


After the war, Otto Frank devotes himself to working for human rights and respect. He answers thousands of letters from people who have read his daughter’s diary. The diary is translated, and adapted to both film and theatre. People all over the world get to know Anne Frank’s story, and are deeply touched.

Anne Frank's diary is published “If she had been here, Anne would have been so proud."

In her diary, Otto reads about the plan Anne had to publish a book after the war.


The different versions of Anne’s diary

There are different versions of Anne’s diary...


A play and on film After a stage play of the Diary of Anne Frank, it is made into film in 1958

However, the book first achieves real popularity after it is adapted for the stage...

Steve Press als peter in het toneelstuk

800 times Peter van Daan Menno Metselaar, Dienke Hondius (interview) - 2004

Steve Press is one of the few remaining actors in the play who can say that he played in the first Broadway-adaptation…


Reception in America The first confrontation with the nazi regime

A wildly enthusiastic review by writer Meyer Levin in the New York Times Book Review results in sales of the diary taking-off.


Otto Frank moves to Switserland He remains involved with the Anne Frank House

He continues to answer letters from readers of the diary until his death in 1980.


Nelson Mandela on Anne Frank and her diary

Nelson Mandela talks about the strength he derived from Anne Frank's diary  when he was imprisoned on Robben Island. 


Authenticity diary Ten questions on the authenticity of the diary of Anne Frank

A great deal of reliable information is available about Anne Frank and her diary...


Anne Frank Timeline

Explore this subject on the visual timeline.

To the timeline

Anne writes:

“I don't want to have lived in vain like most people. I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I've never met. I want to go on living even after my death!”


Otto's surroundings

Miep Gies Jan Gies' wife

Miep is a secretary at Otto Frank’s company, Opekta


Jan Gies Miep Gies' husband

Jan provides the people in the Annex with coupons for food and clothing.


Jo Kleiman Accountant for Opekta and Pectacon

Always cheerful and upbeat, despite being plagued by stomach ulcers


Victor Kugler Opekta employee

Victor, with Jo, takes care of security and finances for the people hiding in the Annex.


Bep Voskuijl Johan Voskuijl’s daughter

Bep is a secretary for Otto's company Pectacon.


Comments (133)

Anne Frank's diary was part of out English Curriculum in New Zealand in the mid 1980's (I was 13 yrs old), as a treat watch the movie, Truly inspiring & In my opinion should still be part of the school curriculum today RIP Sweet Anne & family you will never be forgotten x

HEIDI WARREN, 43 - Wainuiomata Wellington - New Zealand - 4 Jul 2015 Comment on: Anne Frank's diary is published

I have not yet seen her diary, but I find her story inspirational. I'm only 12 and I'm what my friends would consider a "book junkie" growing up in this day and age its quite hard to find people so in powering. This is quite sad but I didn't actually here about her until I watched the fault in our stars.....I've always had a fascination with world war two, and I found this particular story amazing. I hope to read her true words some day.

Anne Frank diary sounds like a amazing story, United Kingdom - 5 Apr 2015 Comment on: Reactions to the "The Secret Annex"

The diary of Anne Frank is and inspirational and beautiful story.iIt has changed my life. I believe that if a book hasn't changed something about you then it has failed at being a book.

Caroline, 11 - nsw - Australia - 3 Apr 2015 Comment on: Reactions to the "The Secret Annex"

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