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Society: that's (for) you!

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The Anne Frank House has developed the discussion programme 'Society - that's (for) you!' for the police, in cooperation with Landelijk Expertise Centrum Diversiteit (National Centre of Expertise for Social Diversity).

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This programme contains eight thematic film clips, which show current events about equal treatment and diversity. These topics are dealt with by the police, even within their own organisation. As a police officer, how do you deal with such events? Each film clip ends with a stimulating question, which serves as the starting point for group discussion.

For whom

'Society - that's (for) you!' can be used at all levels of the police organisation. The film clips can be used for conversations between students and between colleagues, for example a teacher at the police academy can show a film clip in class to draw attention to a particular theme, whilst a chief may wish to use a film clip to start a discussion among his or her team about that particular topic.


'Society - that's (for) you!' stimulates group discussion about the challenges of police work in a multicultural society. The starting point is that each situation is different and requires an inquisitive approach. The aim of the group discussion is to discuss different viewpoints and possibilities for action in certain situations, like the ones presented in the film clip. The participants learn from each other by sharing knowledge and insight. This can then be applied to their day-to-day work as a member of the police force in situations where equal treatment and dealing with diversity are required.


The 'Society - that's (for) you!' box contains eight film clips. Each clip takes about three minutes and deals with a specific theme around equal treatment and dealing with diversity:

  • Selective law enforcement
  • Discrimination around neighbour quarrels
  • Abusing police officers
  • Room for diversity within the police organisation
  • Mentioning descent on social media
  • Exclusion at work (within the police organisation)
  • Complaints about door policy when going out
  • Help for undocumented immigrants

The box includes an explanation of the programme and instructions for the group leader. The box 'Society - that's (for) you!', containing the eight film clips and instructions, can be ordered for free. You may also request a workshop or a demonstration about using the film clips. 


For more information about these activities, please contact politie@annefrank.nl

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Society: that's (for) you! Discussion program for the police

The Anne Frank House has developed the discussion programme 'Society - that's (for) you!' for the police, in cooperation with…