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  • ReportBasic rights clashing (2010)

    In December 2010 the ninth Racism & Extremism Monitor was published. It was fifteen years ago that Leiden…More

  • CahierEntry and exit (2010)

    Confronting newcomers with their own negative experiences, is an approach that has proved to be extremely…More

  • CahierPromising new strategy (2009)

    Deradicalisation policy is a useful addition to existing approaches, such as educational and repressive…More

  • ReportIslamophobia on the rise (2008)

    The problem of "Islamophobia" in the Netherlands has grown considerably in the past year, not only in terms…More

  • CahierPrioritisation helps (2007)

    Even so, many citizen complaints are only registered as incoming reports, or no further action is taken. In…More

  • ResearchDifferent approach (2006)

    Extreme right-wing political parties in the Netherlands are of little significance. All the more important…More