International Conference on antisemitism in Professional Football 11th and12th June 2015 Amsterdam.

Football Conference

1983: Ajax-suppporters groeten FC Den Haag met de Israëlische vlag onder de uitroep Joden kampioen.
(Photo: Diederik van Loggem)
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The Anne Frank House is organising an international conference on antisemitism in professional football, the relation between antisemitism in football and antisemitism in the society and attempts of authorities, football organisations and fan structures to oppose antisemitism in football. The conference will take place on the 11th and 12th of June 2015 in Amsterdam.


The past decades antisemitism in football context has been a very visible and at times large problem in different countries. In the Netherlands rivalry between Ajax supporters (identified as a ‘Jewish’ club) and supporters of other football clubs caused – often large scale – antisemitic incidents in and around football matches. Apart from that there have been incidents also around football players with an Israeli nationality and with Israeli football clubs.

In England the FA was seeking for solutions for rivalry between Tottenham Hotspurs (identified by rival club supporters as a Jewish club) and fans of other clubs, degenerating in antisemitic incidents. In Germany organised fans are opposing antisemitic incidents in the stadiums, apparently primarily caused by right wing extremist hooligan groups. In Poland problems with antisemitic fans were widely exposed in advance of the Euro 2012-tournament and targeted by UEFA and Polish authorities.

It seems that these problems have a common appearance (antisemitic incidents) but very different roots and contexts.  A first look at measures taken by authorities, football organisations an football clubs suggests that in that respect also large differences between countries are visible also.


The official programme of the conference:

Official programme (pdf) (148KB)


During the conference key speakers from  the Netherlands, England, Germany and Poland will give insight in the problems and solutions sought for in their respective countries. These plenary presentations will be accompanied by separate seminars to elaborate on different aspects of the problems and solutions (educational responses, law making and policing, club initiatives, supporter initiatives).

With organising an international conference the objective of the Anne Frank House is to come to a shared knowledge on the problems with antisemitism in football in different European countries. What is happening exactly? What measures are introduced by (local) authorities, by clubs and by supporters to counter these problems? Do these measures have the effect they are supposed to have? Does antisemitism in the stadiums has a relation with antisemitism in broader society? What is the causal direction of this relationship and what can be done about it?

The conference will start June 11th at 10.00 AM and ends June 12th at 01.00 PM.

The conference will be hosted in the Amsterdam ArenA (Ajax Amsterdam stadium) at the ArenA Boulevard 1 (Entrance E), Amsterdam.

Antisemitism in secondary education

In 2013 the Anne Frank House published a report on antisemitism in secondary education. One of the conclusions of this research was that a large part (about 60%) of antisemitic incidents in school settings originated in football rivalry. This insight showed that antisemitic insults have spread out of the stadiums into Dutch society on a pretty large scale.

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