Anne Frank Guide

The Anne Frank Guide offers a wealth of information on Anne Frank and the history of the Second World War. Photos form the links to a data bank containing texts, photos, films, 360-degree panoramas and sound fragments. The deeper you go into the website, the more detailed the information. Go to the Anne Frank Guide. 

Anne Frank Guide

Create your own project or talk using unique source materials

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The Anne Frank House is active in more than fifty countries.


I think it’s a great website! You can find things quickly and express your own opinion.

Choose your own way

In the Anne Frank Guide you choose for yourself how you will make your project or talk. Maybe you’re doing this for the first time? Then you can surely use some help and tips. Choose a theme that interests you, for example ‘Diary’. There you can find all kinds of source material that have something to say about Anne’s diary. If you already have some experience with putting together a project you can probably find your own way around the Anne Frank Guide with no trouble. Good luck with your project or talk! Go to the Anne Frank Guide!

It’s good that the students first have to create their chapters. That means they already have a structure for their work.


Did you know that the diary of Anne Frank is the most translated Dutch book? You can read Anne’s diary in over 65 languages! You can also see on the Anne Frank Guide that young people from all over the world are interested in the story of Anne Frank. The Anne Frank Guide is available in 19 countries, from France to the USA and from Brazil to Australia. There is special information for each country on the history of the Second World War.