Free2choose is an interactive film exhibition and an educational programme on conflicting human rights. The films are shown on four screens and have subtitles in six languages.


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Free2choose was designed to encourage people to think about the crucial importance of human rights. These rights, enshrined in constitutions and declarations of human rights, are key pillars of every democratic society. But no right is absolute. What happens to these rights if the protection of democracy is at stake? And what happens when these fundamental rights come into conflict with each other?

Exhibitions and activities worldwide

The Anne Frank House is active in more than fifty countries with exhibitions and educational projects.

Exhibitions and activities worldwide


Short films show up-to-date examples from around the world of how human rights can come into conflict with each other or with the democratic rule of law. At the end of each film a question is asked that the museum visitors can vote on. The visitors then see the results of the votes: first the collective opinion of the people present in the room, then the cumulative opinion of all the visitors who have answered this question at Free2choose.



It is interesting to see how people have voted, but the result in itself is less important. It is much more important that the participants in Free2choose think about the arguments that mean they are for or against a particular statement. And it is just as important that after seeing the films visitors understand that no right is unlimited.

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