The full story about Anne Frank told in a clear and accessible way for the upper classes of secondary education. What course did Anne’s life take and which historical events influenced this?

Graphic biography

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Anne Frank’s story comes to life in the Graphic Biography. With the accompanying lesson material you can give a lesson about the history of the persecution of the Jews and World War Two which will appeal to your pupils.

The lessons have been created for pupils in the upper classes of secondary schools.

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Reading and Writing with Anne Frank

A travelling exhibition about Anne Frank as a writer with dowloadable lesson material. 


Travelling exhibition

The international exhibition 'Anne Frank - a history for today' has travelled all over the world.


Use of the material is flexible because of the thematic approach of the group assignments.

How can you use the Graphic Biography in the classroom?

The Graphic Biography sets Anne Frank’s life story against a backdrop if historical events.

Use the Graphic Novel:

  • In the upper classes of secondary schools.
  • In History lessons about the Holocaust and World War Two.
  • As preparation for a visit to a museum or historical site such as the Anne Frank House, the Jewish Historical Museum, the Resistance Museum, Camp Westerbork and Camp Vught.
  • As a series of lessons about themes such as: making choices, going into hiding, concentration camps, anti-Jewish measures and media literacy.
Trailer This animation shows an extract from the graphic biography of Anne Frank. Her life story is shown in parallel with key historical events surrounding the Holocaust and the Second World War.