Online material for students and teachers. As a basis for lessons or as a source for a project or a presentation.

Online sources

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Introduce your students to Anne Frank’s story and  World War 2. Students can use the Anne Frank Guide for a subject related project. Using The Secret Annex Online they can discover what life was like during the hiding period and the Timeline gives a chronological overview from 1914 to the present day. 

Exhibitions and activities worldwide

The Anne Frank House is active in more than fifty countries with exhibitions and educational projects.

Exhibitions and activities worldwide

Handed in my project about Anne Frank on Friday. I found so much information on this site!! I visited the Anne Frank House this year and it made such an impression on me.

How to use the online material

Many of our online sources also have accompanying digital lessons or suggestions for lessons. Students can also use them independently. Because of their different approaches  they are suitable for use by all students whether it be quietly reading through the story, discovering the secret annex in 3D or scrolling through the Timeline to view the chronological overview.

Tailored to different learning styles

  • Plenty of graphics for visually orientated students
  • Students who work structurally explore a theme systematically, their more intuitive classmates crisscross the site looking for interesting information. Students who need more guidance find viewing events in a chronological way on the Timeline more useful.
  • The Anne Frank Guide contains quotations from witnesses of war, people who had to go into hiding and members of the resistance. There are plenty of pictures  of objects from the time and many other images. This makes the past more concrete.

Lesson tips

  • Thematic project
    Pupils with a common interest about a particular subject work together on one theme. For example ‘our town or region during the war’. They divide the research topics between the members of the group and create a website or a tabletop exhibition.
  • Presentations
    Pupils are given an assignment to prepare a presentation about Anne Frank and World War 2 but with  specific subject.

    Arrange the presentations  in a logical order, for example one presentation every day, this way it becomes a continuous story. Or assign students projects which can be put together in the form of a newspaper or  book.