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Introduce your students to Anne Frank’s story and  World War 2. Students can use the Anne Frank Guide for a subject related project. Using The Secret Annex Online they can discover what life was like during the hiding period and the Timeline gives a chronological overview from 1914 to the present day. 

Anne Frank’s History

Anne Frank had to go into hiding to escape the Nazi's.


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‘The story of Anne Frank’ is available in our online store.

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This is such a good site. I’m doing my project about camp Westerbork and one chapter is about Anne Frank. Thank you!

Lesson tips

  • A collage for each period - Students in groups make a collage. Each group is given a different period and presents their collage. This way all periods are covered. Make an exhibition of the collages.
  • Quiz - Make a list of questions for each period and set a quiz. Students search the website for the answers. This way they learn about Anne Frank and World War 2.
  • Digital lesson on Anne FrankThis digital lesson is intended to reactivate the knowledge that your pupils have of Anne Frank and the Second World War. At the same time, it will provide you with insight into their current level and any questions they may have, which will help you prepare the follow-up lessons. The Anne Frank introductory lesson is available in BrazilianDutchGerman and Spanish