Online material for students and teachers. As a basis for lessons or as a source for a project or a presentation.

Online sources

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Introduce your students to Anne Frank’s story and  World War 2. Students can use the Anne Frank Guide for a subject related project. Using The Secret Annex Online they can discover what life was like during the hiding period and the Timeline gives a chronological overview from 1914 to the present day. 

  • The Secret Annex Online Students discover the secret annex with  three challenging activities: a film clip, a quest and a floorplan. Suitable for 11 and 12 years.


  • Anne Frank introductory lesson
    Pupils make an online timeline with important historical events, and with events from Anne Frank's life. This lesson was especially developed for digital blackboard and tablet, and is suitable for 10-12 years. The Anne Frank introductory lesson is available in Brazilian, Dutch, German and Spanish

  • Digital lesson The Search
    The lesson consists of an animated film and a timeline with film clips of historical events that will help the pupils to form their own opinion about the decisions people made at the time. The Digital lesson is available in DutchEnglish and German