A travelling exhibition for children ages 9 to 15 with lesson material which can be downloaded. What was it like for Anne Frank during World War Two. How important was reading and writing for her?

Reading and writing with Anne Frank

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Reading & Writing with Anne Frank is a project where the exhibition serves as the starting point. The exhibition is specially designed for young people and provides an overview of the personal life of the Frank family. In addition the exhibition zooms in on Anne’s writing talent. Anne's Story Book and beautiful sentences book are introduced. Anne loved writing. What do your students like? And what do they want to become?

The educational material with the exhibition 'Reading & writing with Anne Frank' is available in Arabic, Brazilian, Dutch Basic, Dutch AdvancedEnglish, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Papiamentu, Portuguese, Russian, SerbianSpanish.

Anne Frank, the writer

After the war, Anne wants to become a writer or journalist.


A diary as a best friend

Anne can express all her feelings in her diary.


Exhibitions and activities worldwide

The Anne Frank House is active in more than fifty countries with exhibitions and educational projects.

Exhibitions and activities worldwide

I thought it was a wonderful project! The exhibition is really good  and is appealing and informative. The same applies to the assignment folder.  The exhibition is well suited for a lesson.

How to use Reading and Writing with Anne Frank?

Reading and Writing with Anne Frank consists of:

  • Travelling exhibition (a visit takes max 2 hours)
  • A workbook for 9 - 12 years old
  • A workbook for 13- 15 years old
  • A historical film clip (around 4 minutes)
  • Manuals for teachers and exhibition supervisors


Use of materials

All these materials are used during the visit of the students to the exhibition. The program takes max. 2 hours for both age groups. The program is independently run by the teacher or the exhibition supervisor. This can be done with minimal preparation using the manuals for teachers and exhibition supervisors.

The exhibition in your school?

No space? Why not arrange to show the exhibition in your local library? The exact program can be arranged with your school and other local organizations.

You can use the flyer to invite schools to your location.

The exhibition will be shown at several different locations in the Argentina, Belgium, Dutch Caribbean, Netherlands, Peru and USA. Check out the venuelist of the International Travelling Exhibition. Would you like to arrange to show the exhibition or do you have any questions about it? Contact us via email.

Students of OBS de Polderhof visit the exhibition.