A travelling exhibition for children ages 9 to 15 with lesson material which can be downloaded. What was it like for Anne Frank during World War Two. How important was reading and writing for her?

Reading and writing with Anne Frank

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Reading & Writing with Anne Frank is a project where the exhibition serves as the starting point. The exhibition is specially designed for young people and provides an overview of the personal life of the Frank family. In addition the exhibition zooms in on Anne’s writing talent. Anne's Story Book and beautiful sentences book are introduced. Anne loved writing. What do your students like? And what do they want to become?

The educational material with the exhibition 'Reading & writing with Anne Frank' is available in Arabic, Brazilian, Dutch Basic, Dutch AdvancedEnglish, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Papiamentu, Portuguese, Russian, SerbianSpanish.

Anne Frank, the writer

After the war, Anne wants to become a writer or journalist.


A diary as a best friend

Anne can express all her feelings in her diary.


Workbook 1

Download and print Workbook 1 English here!

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Manual for Workbook 1

Download and print the Manual for Workbook 1 English here!

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