Incorporate The Secret Annex Online into your lessons about Anne Frank.

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The Anne Frank story has captivated audiences worldwide. Her diary is one of the most translated and most read books in the world.

The Secret Annex Online

Discover Anne Frank's hiding place


'I still believe in the good in people.' That was her legacy along with her diary.

Sue, 62 - United States

Anne’s diary is widely used as a vital tool to teach young people about the Holocaust, as well as current societal issues; challenging prejudice and hatred and encouraging them to embrace positive attitudes, responsibility and respect for others.

For many of you living on the opposite side of the world a visit to the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam to experience the hiding place where Anne wrote her diary is just not possible.

But with The Secret Annex Online it is!

The Secret Annex Online is a 3D version of the house where Anne Frank lived in hiding during The Second World War.

Incorporate the Secret Annex Online into your lessons about Anne Frank and use some or all of our assignments.