An educational graphic novel with lesson material and a course about Jewish persecution for pupils aged 13 to 16. What happened during the Holocaust? Why did some people help Jews while others turned way?

The Search

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Esther who is Jewish survives World War Two. Her parents do not survive the war. Years later Esther and her grandson go in search of what happened during the war.

The Search is available in our online store in Dutch, English and German. 

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‘The Search’ is available in our online store.

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Example of a lesson plan

1. Show the comic strip, tell the pupils briefly what the story is about and make a word web with their associations. Circle the words and characters that go with the roles of culprit, victim, bystander, and helper, and be sure to mention these concepts. These roles will be covered expressly in the comic strip.

2. Hand out the comic strips and have the pupils read them. This will take approximately 50 minutes. Alternatively, they may read the comic for homework in order to save time.

3. Discuss the story. What are the pupils’ first reactions and questions? If you want to get the discussion going, you can ask the pupils for the most powerful/best/most beautiful/saddest drawing and ask them why they feel that way.

4. Write the words perpetrator, helper, victim, and bystander on the blackboard. Bring out the word web of the first lesson. Which characters go with which roles? Which choices did they make? You can have the pupils discuss these questions in pairs.

5. Start the digital lesson and use it to examine the various roles, choices, and dilemmas faced by ordinary people in times of war.