An educational graphic novel with lesson material and a course about Jewish persecution for pupils aged 13 to 16. What happened during the Holocaust? Why did some people help Jews while others turned way?

The Search

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Esther who is Jewish survives World War Two. Her parents do not survive the war. Years later Esther and her grandson go in search of what happened during the war.

The Search is available in our online store in Dutch, English and German. 

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‘The Search’ is available in our online store.

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The most important learning objectives of The Search


  • Know the main facts about the Holocaust.
  • Understand how the Persecution of the Jews took place one step at the time.
  • Understand that the Persecution of the Jews was not an inevitable process, but the result of decisions made by people (often due to circumstance).
  • Understand that people played different roles in the process: victims, culprits, helpers, and bystanders.  
  • Know some of the dilemmas and choices faced by the victims, helpers and bystanders.
  • Can relate to the dilemmas and choices of the main characters
  • Realise that people’s roles were not always cast in stone, that different people can make different decisions in the same circumstances, and that people may change
  • Understand that the events from that period still influence the lives of people living today, both on a personal level and in society as a whole. 

    The lesson is intended to reactivate the knowledge that your pupils have of Anne Frank and the Second World War. At the same time, it will provide you with insight into their current level and any questions they may have, which will help you prepare the follow-up lessons.