An educational graphic novel with lesson material and a course about Jewish persecution for pupils aged 13 to 16. What happened during the Holocaust? Why did some people help Jews while others turned way?

The Search

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Esther who is Jewish survives World War Two. Her parents do not survive the war. Years later Esther and her grandson go in search of what happened during the war.

The Search is available in our online store in Dutch, English and German. 

Anne Frank Timeline

With exceptional photographs and audio and video fragments.

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‘The Search’ is available in our online store.

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New York Times article

Read about ‘The Search’ in the New York Times.


Use the Timeline

Some of the drawings in the graphic novel are based on historical photographs like the one of the Berlage Bridge. You can see these photos on the Timeline. Show your pupils both. Do they recognize any of them? Discuss the photographs with your class.

Use A Family Secret too

Prior to The Search we developed A Family Secret. This educational graphic novel is about the occupation of The Netherlands and is suitable for pupils aged 13 -16 years.

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