Who betrayed Anne Frank?

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Unfortunately we can’t answer this one. There were suspicions about who the betrayer was and the first investigation took place in 1948.

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Fifteen years later there was another attempt to establish who betrayed the Franks. However both investigations were inconclusive. The betrayer was not found.


It is not clear how the people in hiding were betrayed. Did one of the warehouse staff hear something? Or did someone find it suspicious that large amounts of things were bought and delivered? Did the neighbors notice that there were people hiding in the building?


Here you can discuss people’s motives with the class. Why did people betray Jews?

Why do children pose this question?

The question about who betrayed Anne Frank is the one that is most asked about her. It is understandable that children want to know this. It’s also a very good question because behind it lie other questions like: ‘why would someone do this?’ and ‘what happened to Anne Frank?’

Children very often have their own theories about the betrayer and how Anne died. Children are not totally ignorant about this part of the story they often know something about it.

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while going through the Guardian's article dated july 28 2002, it has very explicitly been said that it was Tony Ahlers who betrayed the Franks.

Alicien, 17 - chicago - United States - 25 Nov 2013

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