Why is Anne so famous?

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First explain that Anne Frank was just an ordinary girl. There were many Jewish children just like Anne Frank.  Like Anne many people kept a diary during the war. So that wasn’t unusual either.

A travelling exhibition for children

What was it like for Anne Frank during World War Two. How important was reading and writing for her?

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'Anne Frank’s diary truly resonated with my students.'

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But most diaries weren’t published. After the war Anne’s father Otto Frank concentrated on having Anne’s diary published because he thought that his daughter’s message was important.

Well written

Anne’s diary is also very well written for  thirteen year old girl. Some even consider it  literature. Many identify with her diary. It’s fascinating to read because it shows the war as it really was. Because we know what happened to Anne and her family it also makes the diary somewhat tragic.


The diary has been translated into more than 70 languages. There have been films made and plays written about Anne Frank. More than 1 million people visit the Anne Frank House every year. That’s why  Anne is now so famous.


Ask your class if anyone keeps a diary and why. Or ask them if they think it’s fair that only Anne is famous and not her sister Margot.

Why do children ask this?

Because children have heard so much about Anne, she has become the face of the Holocaust. That’s why they want to know why her story is so ‘unique’.

What do you think?

Recognize this question from your own class?

Tell us about how you dealt with it.

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I Figuered Why She Was Famous Because Duriing The War She Hind Under a Bed And Wrote In Her Jounral While They Was Having Da War It Was Sad That She Died And If I Was The Priesendent I Would Have Punished The People Who Killed Other Peole

Intenina, 14 - Pa - United States - 29 Oct 2013

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