The Holocaust and WWII

The aftermath of the Holocaust and World War Two is still clearly visible in society today. In commemorations, monuments and museums but also in legislation. With the help of history you can make clear links with contemporary themes such as anti-Semitism and discrimination.

Teaching aids

Exhibitions and activities worldwide

The Anne Frank House is active in more than fifty countries with exhibitions and educational projects.

Exhibitions and activities worldwide
  • A Family Secret

    Jeroen learns from his grandmother about what happened during the occupation during World…More

  • The Search

    Esther who is Jewish survives World War Two. Her parents do not survive the war. Years later Esther and her…More

  • Anne Frank - A History for Today

    The international exhibition Anne Frank – A History for Today is shown in more than forty countries.…More

  • Anne Frank Guide

    The Anne Frank Guide offers a wealth of information on Anne Frank and the history of the Second World War.…More

  • Online sources

    Introduce your students to Anne Frank’s story and  World War 2. Students can use the Anne Frank Guide…More

  • Holocaust institutions

    Part of the mission of the Anne Frank House is to encourage reflection on the dangers of anti-Semitism,…More

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