"Reading and Writing with Anne Frank" A travelling exhibition for children ages 9 to 15

What was it like for Anne Frank during World War Two. How important was reading and writing for her?


From Berlin to Buenos Aires Where are the Travelling Exhibitions now?

The travelling exhibitions are on display worldwide 


Historical construction kit of the Secret Annex 3D cardboard model

To gain a better understanding of the hiding place.


Partners Anne Frank organisations worldwide

The Anne Frank House works together with partner organisations in Great Britain, Germany, the USA, Austria and Argentina...


Europe Educational activities

from Austria to Ukraine


Australia Educational activities

in Australia and New Zealand.


Africa Educational activities

in Morocco and South Africa.


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in China, Georgia, Israel, Japan and Turkey.


Latin America Educational activities

in Central and South America.


Comments (9)

I'm very excited to see this exhibition in Croatia!

Miljenko Hajdarovic, 33 - Prelog - Croatia - 7 Sep 2013 Comment on: Anne Frank exhibition

Please include Auckland, New Zealand on your venues for travelling exhibitions.

Donna Bowler, 49 - Auckland - New Zealand - 2 Jun 2013 Comment on: Venues 2014

Would love to visit the exhibition if it were to come to Brisbane, Australia.

Karen K, 44 - Ipswich - Australia - 7 Feb 2013 Comment on: Venues 2014

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