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Maintain tһe awesome woгk !! Lovin' іt!

dental implant hcmc, 10 - Syderstone - United Kingdom - 5 Mar 2018

Dear Anne Frank, I wish i could've met you, but I wasnt born back then, ive heard stories from my grandmother who was alive at that time, being a nurse for wounded soldiers in Germany. She always told me stories about what happened during the holocaust, but when i read this, i saw it was worse than it appeared.. The tragedy was horrifying to experience, even a young girl. I hope no one else has to go through that same thing.

Mc, 13 - United States - 23 Feb 2018

Anne Frank was such a moving person. Even through so many trials and tribulations, she kept her morale high. She was the person who everyone criticized, yet she still persisted and brushed it off as if it was a joke. Another Amazing thing about her is that her feelings were so complex. She described them so vividly and they were thoughts that an average child would not have. Her ability to limit herself, her control over her thoughts, and her reflections of her actions are unbelievable and outstanding. Anne Frank is a very significant person and should be recognized by everyone.

Nila guhasarkar, 12 - New Orleans - United States - 23 Feb 2018

My abiding memory of the Anne Frank house was the complete and intense silence inside the Secret Annex. Most visitors were overseas tourists, many were teenagers if not young children and yet all seemed to understand this was not a place to run around or make noise. The result was an atmosphere inside the Secret Annex which I have never experienced anywhere else.

Simon, 37 - London - United Kingdom - 21 Feb 2018

Dear Anne Frank, I recently red your diary. It was incredibly well written and shows perfectly how your life was. I wish I could have known you. You have an amazing heart and I am very inspired by you. You are much like me in many ways as well. I also argue with my mom and like a lot of boys. I also am called cheerful and happy by my friends, though I think that you were much more cheerful. I really hope that I will be able to visit The Secret Annex, or Het Archuis, myself one day. Best wishes, Sloan Ballou

Sloan Ballou, 10 - Holladay, UT - United States - 20 Feb 2018

Dear Anne Frank, I just recently had a unit about you in school. Before this unit I had only heard of your name. I must say that from reading your diary (the play version) and learning about you, your family, and everyone else who hid in the Secret Annex with you I have learned so much. From what I can tell you were an amazing, beautiful, positive, wonderful girl. It saddens me every time I think of you because I wish somehow I could go back in time and save you and your family. Hopefully one day I can visit Amsterdam to learn even more about you. Your story has truly touched me and made an impact. I wish I could have met you. - Kendall

Kendall M, 13 - United States - 11 Feb 2018