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I am inspired by the courage of the Frank family during WWII. Otto hiding his family during such a chaotic and dangerous time was remarkable. Then to publish his daughter's diary after such personal loss was equally remarkable -- he could have kept the diary private. Anne expressing her life story, her hopes and dreams, during a time of unparalleled terror and fear is an amazing testimony of her and her family. Our freedoms are built upon such acts of courage. The Anne Frank story is one for the ages.

Mike Lechtenberger, 54 - Omaha - United States - 19 Jun 2017

Interessantes Museum

Sophie Krueger, 36 - Ratzert - Germany - 16 Jun 2017

I loved the Anne Frank house and learned so much from it

Jeff Goldwin, 32 - Boston - United States - 13 Jun 2017

Some day soon I hope to see the Netherlands and visit the Anne Frank House.

Wayne Sullivan, Burlington - United States - 12 Jun 2017

I visited Ann frank place. Great memoirs she wrote under inhuman circumstances. Specially when growing up as a teenager! No doubt she left an impact in our strange world. The only good thing that happened 1944-2017 no WWIII. The human civilization is at odds with nature and the globe! How long we would survive is a big question mark?

Shlomo Ben Ezra , montreal - Canada - 3 Jun 2017

The most profoundly humbling experience. Anne's diary is so honest, we see her flaws and her injustice. She describes herself and her life so perfectly it feels like you are living it with her. The house is a stunning tribute.

Rachel McClenaghan , 23 - Surrey - United Kingdom - 29 May 2017