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It's so crazy that something like the Holocaust would have ever happened.

Sophia Fowler, 13 - Grosse Pointe - United States - 5 Feb 2018

A very humbling experience. It's amazing what they lived thru and it's something that is unimaginable now. I'm reading the book now and I can see what she is talking about.

Manuel Salinas, 41 - Fort Lauderdale - United States - 4 Feb 2018

I read The Diary of Anne Frank a few weeks before traveling to Amsterdam. When I finished it, I was absolutely astonished by her story and her final words before she was arrested, it looked to me that she knew that those would be her final words. I had then the opportunity to visit Anne Frank’s house last week and that just completed my journey into Anne’s life. Sadness, hope, joy and fear are all the feelings that are now stuck in my mind.

Aline Tavares, 38 - Belo Horizonte - Brazil - 27 Jan 2018

This week i always curious about Anne Frank just because i'm just trying to find tourist attration in Amsterdam. And i found Anne Frank House. The story about Anne Family under Nazi rules makes me so curious. Soon i will buy the diary of the young girl, to know more about her. And i hope i can visit Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and this is one of the reason i really want to go to Amsterdam.

Nadya Zahra, 25 - Jakarta - Indonesia - 24 Jan 2018

Reading the diary and going to the Anne Frank house is a super humbiling experiance that really makes you feel lucky to live in the time that you do where there is less oppression on any ethnisity or race. Anne Frank is an inspiring tale to keep you moving on and to stay hopful until the end. I am more motivated now then ever to make a change to the world and put my mark on this earth just like Anne Frank.

Elliott Stevens, 13 - Portland - United States - 11 Jan 2018

Visited 2 days ago. My father was a German Jewish refugee about the same age as Anne. He escaped the worst, but the house resonated with me- the damaged childhood, the dreams and growth that were stanched. An evocative exhibit. The world must continue to learn and to remember.

Larry Adler, 71 - Cambridge , MA - United States - 7 Jan 2018