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never again but it keeps happening i dont know what to think about this world maybe where doom to repeat it but this time in the billions and then maybe this world would learn the ultimate sacrifice of war

francisco velez, 47 - Ocala - United States - 8 Apr 2017

To Anne, even through the hardships of war and hiding for your life, your story has captivated millions and taught us to never give up. Your story, your struggle, your legacy will live on.

Aidan Miller, 25 - Stirling - United Kingdom - 4 Apr 2017

Truly a world classic. From my point of view definitely 9/10 people are sure to feel Anne Frank as someone their own,feel sad about her worries,laugh about her humorous jokes and feel happy about the times Anne had with Peter and many more. Pray and bless her soul. She has definitely left in person, but never in our hearts. I am sad but happy at last. She died peacefully with hope still in her heart till the last breath. I am speechless about her beautiful mind and pure soul. This was all I wanted to say. Thank you Anne. And this is not a goodbye. It is a see you soon. You will be my greatest support and closest friend ever, though I was not even born then. See you soon Anne.😊

Yashodhara , 12 - Guwahati - India - 26 Mar 2017

Me and my school class just read the book of Anne Frank. We also watched a movie about it. It was so devastating to me to know that the Germans would do this. And to think that Anne and her family hid for 2 years with barely any food and its just so sad. I'm so grateful tho that Anne's dad shared this to the world. Cause without this i don't know what the world would be like.

Sydney , 13 - Alpine - United States - 23 Mar 2017

The story of Anne Frank still brings tears to my eyes: having to survive her early teenage years under the most difficult of circumstances while trying to grow and understand her life, her beauty, her purpose only to be murdered by people who could never be her equal, is beyond words. Anne Frank was the world's birthday present that should have been allowed to be opened more than 15 times!

David Ingram, 49 - LOMBARD - United States - 18 Mar 2017

I have always been fascinated by Anne and her story, so visiting the house was an extremely emotional one for me. It made her feel real in a way that I was not expecting. It is so important for people to realise that her story is one of many of the people at the time, but also, we have to be mindful that such things do not happen again. It is my worst fear for the world that we forget compassion for fellow humans simply because of what they believe in or how they look is different.

Kayko , 20 - Calgary - Canada - 16 Mar 2017