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This is a great website. It allows me to visit the hiding place until we can afford to actually come there. My heart still goes out to all of the families that suffered during this horrific time period. It doesn't matter that I didn't know them, I just respect their struggle and I want them to know that they mean/meant something to somebody...Me. God Bless You/Them all.

Leslie Pulliam, 46 - Plano - United States - 20 Nov 2013

Thank you to all the people who worked and still work for Anne Frank House project. This place is so magical that every corner of it made me feel so many emotions at once. I was born in Moscow exactly on the same day and 50 years after the Frank family went into hiding there and I read her diary when I was her age. I think I was meant to meet her through her words and I'm sad I'll never be able to tell her what a clever and lively girl she was. For that, it's wonderful to see how many people come to this museum and learn that discrimination and hate is as lethal as it can be. Once again, thank you all for making this possible!

Gladys C.K, 22 - London - United Kingdom - 18 Nov 2013

Many thanks, this site is extremely beneficial.

wow gold, Cercemaggiore - Faroe Islands - 18 Nov 2013

We take for granted the birds singing and all the sounds that encompass life. What a beautiful tribute for us to not forget, and to not let our freedomsor others be taken.

MELITA CLARY, 44 - Post Falls - United States - 15 Nov 2013

It is over 10 years since making a last harrowing visit to this girl's refuge. Totally different to the last time. And very well displayed. Every person should aware of the plight of people who are subjugated and realise how lucky many people of the world are not to be subjected to treatment as this. Of course I am aware that atrocities as this are committed daily basis in parts of the world, however we should all have this experience to make us think of our fellow human beings sufferings.

Peter, 61 - Preston - United Kingdom - 14 Nov 2013

Anne, I wish it were possible to personally deliver my comment to you. I can only wonder if you somehow you will. Though maybe in another time and place in our universe, you are already aware. Your story will never cease to be told, your thoughts so intimately expressed will forever be as if you were speaking directly to us. I vow to share your story with my children someday, because those who forget the past are prone to repeat it. Long live your beautiful memory. LEBIII

Luther E. Banks III, 27 - Bucyrus - United States - 4 Nov 2013