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I am a retired teacher who taught Anne Frank's book & her story for years. The information on this website is invaluable to anyone interested in Anne Frank!

Jeremie Johnson, 69 - New Orleans, LA - United States - 24 Oct 2013

"Forgetting is dangerous." -Sonia Weitz Holocaust survivor "History can't repeat itself, but it can rhyme" -Mark Twain That's why we cannot forget.

Anonymous, 12 - Brookline - United States - 16 Oct 2013

I visited Anne Frank's museum this summer in Amsterdam. I couldn't really understand how hard it was to live through part of these times. Before I left I bought Anne Frank's diary and read it. Now I understand everything she went through and even though this has never happened to me and I couldn't ever imagine being in a situation like hers I believe that this was a truly horrible thing that people did and I wish that I can go back and revisit this house because now I understand everything.

Anonymous, 12 - Brookline - United States - 16 Oct 2013

Amazing story! I also love the website. I've always want to go to the house!

Madeleine, 13 - toronto - Canada - 16 Oct 2013

I just look at the movie and now I was reading about Anne and I just can't imagine all the horrible conditions that she and her family went throught. I thank God for the great life I had. I have a hard time to understand how can people be so cruel with others. I will get Anne's diary so I can read it. 14 oct 2013

Diane, 58 - Québec - Canada - 15 Oct 2013

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