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I can not fatham the pain and suffering this family went through. Along with many other stories untold. I read The Diary of Anne Frank when I was 13 in school. Now that I am in Germany, I feel her pain all over. God Bless this Country.

Tammy Morgan, 53 - Tallahassee , florida - United States - 11 Oct 2013

Anne Frank's diary has been introduced in our school curriculum, though i had read the diary 2 times before but every time I read it the horrible conditions through which all the Jews went makes me cry every time.

Palak Sekhon, 14 - Haldwani - India - 9 Oct 2013

Wonder what life would have been If she was never caught. After reading her diary one thing that comes into my mind is what would it have been like if they had the current technology. The annex is a place I would love to visit.

Athul, 15 - United Kingdom - 2 Oct 2013

This is a realy nice website. We learned much about Anne. The worstest thing that we learned is that Anne and her family flee from Germany,but the Germans invaded the Netherlands and the Frank family had no more right in the Netherlands too.

Andi & Raphael, 16 - Germany - 26 Sep 2013

i just finished reading the diary of Anne Frank and I was astonished to see how difficult her life was. i could not imagine how horrible those long two years were for her. My respects not only for her but all the people that went through the same thing she had to go through.

Larissa Duenas, 13 - United States - 25 Sep 2013

Was unsure what to expect as I hadn't read Ann's diary, which I will now rectify. I found the experience very moving, for me the exhibits were carefully presented and gave you a better understanding of her short life through these frightening times... All who visit Amsterdam should make this a must see.

Margaret Crubaugh, 56 - Irvine - United Kingdom - 21 Sep 2013