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i wish anne frank and peter van pels were alive i would have telled them thank you for inspireing me .there hope and courage that there had will always be remembered because of them i know in spite of circumstances you have to have hope they will always be in my heart i will never forget them

verna, 21 - Dominica - 31 Aug 2013

Such a meaningful experience. I will never forget this!

Urial Dumace, 61 - Seattle - United States - 29 Aug 2013

Just went and visited the Anne Frank exhibition today here in Portland Victoria Australia. It is excellent. I also told them about the Anne Frank tree which they did not know about. Thank you for allowing the exhibition to come to Australia. I visted Anne Franks house in Oct 1994 in Holland. It was very moving...and so sad what man can do to one another.

Lorraine, 53 - Portland - Australia - 26 Aug 2013

I have the pleasure to now Ana's father when I was living in Israel,in the Kibbutz Lohamei Ha Getaot, ,she and all the young and children's who were kill by the Nazis and their friends ,always will be remembered in our hearts and minds, "NEVER AGAIN " "DON'T FORGIVE ,DON'T FORGET "

Gady Bar- Iosef, 68 - Sendai - Japan - 24 Aug 2013

i would like to know more about the holocaust by receive news letters and if i were around i would have helped the 3 million jews to excape and go into hiding including the children i would have done everything in my power to make sure that the nazi germans won't hurt them i would have done like miep gies i can't stand prejustice i know what it's like my ancestors went though the same thing just because they are black. Anne Frank House: Thank you for your comment. You can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on the newsletter link on the bottom of our homepage. Kind regards.

verna, 21 - Dominica - 16 Aug 2013

Such a young girl, such a big heart. So strong. I wish I one day could visit the museum. RIP Anne Frank

Elina, Sweden - 10 Aug 2013