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in school i also read the diary of anne frank and it is really interesting how she describes her world...

John, 25 - United States - 30 Jul 2013

Very sad. I hope we can prevent this from happening again in the future.

Matt, United Kingdom - 30 Jul 2013

I wish Anne Frank was alive today. She would have been my forever friend because of the inspiration she left behind for millions. After watching films about Anne Frank, I felt as if you she was my real sister. May little Anne R.I.P

Marcos, 28 - knightdale - United States - 29 Jul 2013

This was so eye opening

Amanda Grokoski, 22 - Greenwich ct - United States - 24 Jul 2013

Her story will never be forgotten and should always be read by children all over the world. I hope her legacy will live on and inspire humanity.

Susanne Forte, United States - 24 Jul 2013

i am mad of the betrader because that was like behind the sences of hiding.

Edward Peralta, 10 - New York - United States - 18 Jul 2013