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When will humanity learn? Does it matter what you are or who you are? We all should learn from this and never let it happen again but we have not it is happening now shame on humanity.

Gail Lawton, 57 - London - United Kingdom - 8 Jul 2013

1985 we visited the Anne Frank house. I will never forget the feeling that came over me being there. I stood at the sink where she washed dishes knowing her hands had touched the same place my hands were touching. I cried and knew my life had been changed forever.

Nadine, 63 - Midway,GA USA - United States - 5 Jul 2013

i saw the movie about anne frank and the van pels and the jews who were being killed including children i could'nt stop crying i cryed the whole time through out the movie i could'nt belive that somone so cruel could do this to man kind all because they are jews but one thing i learned about anne frank is that she was a loving and kind person such a remarkable young woman

verna, 21 - Dominica - 1 Jul 2013

Very interesting, keep up the good work !!

Marcel, Leuven - Belgium - 18 Jun 2013

anne frank was about my age and was forced to go into hiding. I think this is so sad because she had to leave everything she loved.

mike, 69 - cerritos - United States - 18 Jun 2013

This book was very interesting! I feel very sorry for the people who died in the war. I love the way her diary is written and now I have the encouragement of writing a diary of my own.

Angel Ramnani, 12 - Cerritos - United States - 18 Jun 2013