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I would like to begin with how Amazed i am to read and to see the movie on Anne Frank. It was so awesome like it was heartbreaking but critically inspirational. I really recommend the book Anne Frank Diary of a young Girl. It can break you down. I really respet her thoughts and how she felt during the war... R.I.P Anne Frank and the family and many many.. innocent jews...

daisy, 13 - long beach - United States - 17 Jun 2013

This is a life changing book to read, and a felt the feelings on anne as she had to deal with the nazi persecuting the jews and all the horror they had to go though to survive.I was on the edge of my seat. I wish she lived to see this life we are in now. No hitler and no more persecution.

Crippled Wombat, 13 - Cerritos - United Kingdom - 14 Jun 2013

The story Anne Frank has taught me a lot about how the Nazis Terroized the Jews and caused them to go hiding. It shows us how much the Jews were Struggling to survive until the war is over

Po-Tyng, 13 - Cerritos - United States - 14 Jun 2013

I have always been fascinated by anything that related to the holocaust, but none of them got in depth about the emotions Jews felt while hiding from the Nazis and why they felt that way. This book showed me how forunate we are today because there isnt really any threat to any race or religious group. This is a book i can honestly say i enjoyed.

Billy Billington, 13 - Cerritos - Australia - 14 Jun 2013

During reading Anne Frank I wanted to cry from all the hardship Anne faced. She went to so much and she was my age. That is so unreal like this normal girl who lives a normal gets striped of her dignity and pride just because someone had a couple of followers who didnt like her religion. Just horrible I just think it is just horrible. Anne had a strong heart and faith like i have never seen. I will forever keep the beloved Anne Frank and other holocaust victims in my heart!!!

Ashton Truby-Mckay, 12 - Cerritos - United States - 14 Jun 2013

Anne Frank you have help me know not to take everything for granit. You showed me what real struggle was you had to endure a lot of hardships. Anne , You will forever be in my heart as the who spoke up to what she belived in and expressed her feelings to the fullest. You are one of the most expressive people i have ever learned about. You know the power pencil and papper. You and the other victims shall forever be in my heart.

Ashton Truby-Mckay, 12 - Cerritos - United States - 14 Jun 2013