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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl....was a was very inspiring book to me because even through those hardship she took it to her fullest extent.The book and the movie really touched me because me living in a place where there is no persecution means alot to me. I acnknowledge that i am very fortunate living the life i choose. It must have been a very devastating lifes for the jews. No freedom, limited suplies, and the performance of the genocide must have been the worst of all. If it was me back in the time of world war 2 and i was a jew it would be hell for me. I recommend you to read this book, you are going to learn various things you may have not known and also learn a lesson to this book. My interpretation of the book was that it not criticize people just cause their not your race, or have the same qualities. Also be yourself and treat others as you wish to be treated. Her existence will live on forever in our hearts.

Isaiah Kim, 14 - cerritos - United States - 14 Jun 2013

The book was very emotional and very sad. I was actually crying when i saw the movie. This book is contains real life things which made it more emotional. i was crying when Anne and her dad got separated when they stepped out of the train. It was their last moment to see each other. Also the part where Mrs. Dussel got separated with peter was sad. But, I always thought to myself that Hittler had some sort of mental problems. So i really was affected by the movie and book. The song made it even more dramatic. So these are my comments.

Alvin Kim, 13 - cerritos - United States - 14 Jun 2013

Anne Frank... where do I start? Such an amazing girl who touched the hearts of so many people around the world. She gives us a glimpse of how horrible the Holocaust was and how we as civil people can stop criticism and be a helping hand instead of criticizing people of a different race or who they are. In the end, Anne Frank's diary sincerely touched my heart!

Priti N., 12 - United States - 14 Jun 2013

When I read the book The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank, I felt inspired. She always kept hope even through the most grave of times. I also felt very sad for all the Jews at the time of the Holocaust because of the persecution they went through. I enjoyed this book and it changed some of views on the world.

Justin, 12 - Cerritos - United States - 14 Jun 2013

The last time I read this book, it made me really sad because of what Hitler and the Nazis have done. I really enjoyed reading the book, and I hope she Rests in Peace because she doesn't deserve to die.

Cristian Santo Domingo, 12 - Lakewood - United States - 14 Jun 2013

During this wonderful novel of Anne Frank, I learned many interesting things. Of the many thing I learned included the life during World War 2, the persecution of the Jews, and lastly the life of a girl who lived in despair as she hid in a secret annexe to protect herself from the Gustapo. In the end I loved and greatly enjoyed the Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank

Albert, 14 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013