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While I was reading Anne Frank's diary, I felt sympathy towards Anne and the other annexe members. Staying in the same place for two years without such technology as we have now would have made me crazy and yet Anne was still able to stand strong and have hope. And although I had already know how terrible Hitler and the Nazis were, the horribleness was renewed as I saw what had happened to Anne and the others after they were captured in the movie. After reading Anne Frank's diary, it led me to way of seeing how horrible the decisions of the the past were.

Tiffany Lee, United States - 13 Jun 2013

While reading Anne Frank, I've learned that even during hardships that she was going through, you should always have hope in yourself. I felt so bad for her to live in such a tiny hiding place for such a long time. I know if I was in her position, I would of gone mad. Therefore, Anne is a very important girl because she sets a lot of examples for us people today.

Aditi Parikh , 13 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

After I finished reading A Diary of a Young Girl with the rest of my English class, I felt that it inspired me to always be thankful for everything, because it just might all be taken from you in an instant. Anne was amazing. She was able to have everything taken away from her, her possessions, her friends, and even her home, but was still cheerful until the very end. We should follow her example and never lose hope for anything.

Ryan, 13 - Cerritos, CA - United States - 13 Jun 2013

I think Anne Frank taught me and my classmates alot about world war 2 and how it affected Jewish people in so many really bad ways I think what Anne wrote was really interesting, but at the same time really sad.

jaineel, 13 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

I have learned about a girl named Anne Frank in a book call "Anne Frank Diary of a Young Girl". At first, I truthfully wasn't inspired with anything to do with this book. As we went along reading, I feel like the morals are... That we take thing for granted. Anne she took things for acknowledged before, was a spoiled girl, when in hiding in the Annexe, in a small confined space, and when her and her family were taken away. She had nothing left. Her mother died, Margot, and was left with the thought that Pim (Otto Frank) had died as well.

Kirollos Kelada, 13 - Norwalk - United States - 13 Jun 2013

We started reading "A Diary of a Young Girl" in English class. At first, I thought the book was very boring (reading it for about three months). Anne is a very curious and intelligent person. Anne had to live in the Secret Annex for two year in bad conditions. Anne mainly expressed her feelings by writing in her diary. When she went into the concentration camp, she had to separate from her father and see her sister (really sad). I also saw Anne Frank: The Movie in class. I had to see all of Jews suffer in pain (just because of Hitler). From reading this book, I learn that we have to enjoy all of the things we have and never give up.

Peter Chea , 12 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013