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My English class just got finished reading the book and watching the movie of The Diary of Anne Frank! It was a really great book, and i believe the moral was to be happy with what you have right now because before you know it your life could turn upside down. I think Anne Frank is a great role model, and I am sure that many, many people are very fortunate that we have written records of a first person view of the horrible times Anne Frank faced. RIP to all those who died in concentration camps, and gas chambers, you are all greatly admired.

Shreya, Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

I never really knew what happened to people when Hitler was around. We started reading The Diary Of A Young Girl in my English class and I was bored in the beginning, but when Anne and her family had to go into hiding, I was interested. Anne and her family hid in the Secret Annex,which was a small area in which eight people stayed in. After a while,Anne and her family got caught and were taken away to the concentration camp. There, Anne and her family died mainly of sickness, starvation, and death by the gas chambers. The only survivor of the Frank family was Anne's father,Otto Frank. After reading this book, I realized how much hope Anne had even in times like this. Whatever race, religion, or person you are, you still deserve to live,and people have no right to discriminate you.

Brianna Lopez, 13 - Santa Fe Springs, CA - United States - 13 Jun 2013

Anne Frank has taught me how it was like for Jews back then and what they've been through, it taught me things that no human should go through. And of much of a hero figure Anne is.

Nathan Romero, United States - 13 Jun 2013

I think this story really influenced me into knowing about Anne Frank and how she went through many things with her family and friends. She shows an example to me that everyone should follow her example for being helpful, kind, cheerful, and never giving up.

Bob, 12 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

At my elementary school, I've always been urging to read this book, so when my English class started to read it, i was excited! Anne Frank the Diary of a Young girl, has influenced and inspi me. When I read this book, I always wondered...what would i do if I was in Anne shoes? Anne was such a confident, independent girl that was about my age that survived through all of this in her life. She showed me that even through the hardest times, you can still get through it and move on. Anne has really changed my perspective on life, so I would like to thank Otto Frank and Anne for letting our class read this special influential book.

Brianna K, Cerritos,CA - United States - 13 Jun 2013

We just started reading Diary Of Anne Frank in English class, and for awhile I didn't pay attention, until the movie. I think the movie was really interesting, but it was heartbreaking to see all of the Jews going through all those struggles, and pain. And seeing little children dying, getting separated from their family, just caused tears to drop down like crazy... R.I.P

Jennifer, 13 - cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013