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I was admired by how Anne was so strong throughout the war. How long she survived and how she stood up for herself when she was in total despair. I look up to her as a role model because she inspires so many people around the world. When all her family and friends died except her dad, Otto Frank, she was the one who was so sad because Margot passed away so suddenly. She stayed very compassionate and brave about her race and when the Nazi's treated every single Jew they went pass so horribly. Thank you Anne Frank for teaching us such a valuable lesson.

Niamh, 12 - Cerritos,CA - United States - 13 Jun 2013

This is a really sad story. I am not that good at understanding the story from reading but I can tell that Anne was going through a really tough time with her family and friends. I enjoyed the book but when I wached the movie, I almost cry when I watched the end. I couldn't believe how cruel and sad people were back then.

L.Y.H, 13 - Cerritos - United Kingdom - 13 Jun 2013

Anne Frank gave me an idea on how WWII affected the Jewish people. Anne Frank's story along with the story of others in the secret annex and the accounts told by those who helped save her and her family, made me show sympathy towards all the people that suffered due to the prejudice that Hitler displayed towards innocent people. I think that Anne Frank's story, although one of many, should continue to be told to all kids of future generations so that they too can be aware of what happened to such a massive group of people. Because of biographies such as hers, many are now well aware of the massive massacre and hatred that took place towards a peaceful people long ago. May their souls rest in peace.

Verena , 13 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

I just finished reading Anne Frank in class, I think Anne is an interesting girl that didn't deserve to die just like the other millions of people in the holocaust. It is a sad thing that the only person that survived from her family was her father. The book wasn't that interesting but you get to learn new things by reading it.

Spongebob Smith, 200 - New York City - United Kingdom - 13 Jun 2013

We have finally finished the book Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. To be honest, I'm not a fan of auto biographies or historical stories. We already learn alot in my History class- WHY LEARN MORE? But then I realized that Anne's diary isn't just about a Jew. It's about a human being. about my age... Who lived a normal life similar to mine. Her whole life changed in front of her eyes because of where she lived. She had to live a her "Secret Annexe", where most of her journal takes place. She talks about how little food and space she has, the problems she has with the other people in the Annexe, and she even has passages on Margot, Pim, and her Peter. I start to realize how big of a change Anne had to go through AFTER leaving the Annexe (in the movie we watched in class.) Imagine having things stolen from your loved ones that have passed. Cutting your hair and taking all your dignity and hopes away. Everytime Anne broke into tears, hahah, I did, too. Hopefully Miep is still living today, and holding on to the experience of the "Secret Annexe".

ABBY , 13 - CERRITOS - United States - 13 Jun 2013

Early January late February we began reading the Diary of a Young Girl. I was not that interested in the beginning but, as we went along the book was getting more and more intriguing. It was horrible to se all the Jews getting broken apart, taken away from all their families,forced to go in hiding because they did not want get caught or seen by the Germans. When Anne settled into the annex i could not relate to what she was going through. She could not go outside ,use the restroom as regular people would and the lights would have to be off at a certain time so neighbors would not create a suspicion someone was in the building. This book had me thinking that I do take things for granted and that I need to stop taking things for granted. Thank you so much for such an inspiring and Historical book ! I really enjoyed more the second time :)

Yasmine Solares, 13 - Cerritos, Ca - United Kingdom - 13 Jun 2013