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Even though The Diary of a Young Girl was not as interesting as other books, it is certainly more worth reading. Through Anne's diary, I learned many problems she faced. It greatly encouraged me to know that even though Anne went through many misery, she never gave up hope. It was hope that helped her through many situations,and I hope that it will also help me through my problems.

Irisa Chang, 13 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

Anne Frank was a novel that really touched my heart. I loved and hated the story because it was so sad. Yet i find it so educational. It also gave me a brief picture of what it was like to live in the days of the horrible nazis.

Glenn , 13 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

I really enjoyed reading this book diary of a young girl i really learned a lot from this book that we read in english class learned not to discriminate anybody and that we are all the same

Joshua, 12 - cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

First of all i wasn't really excited about reading Diary of Anne Frank. As we went along it started to get more interesting and I got more into it. I learned that discrimination isn't right and everyone should be treated equally.

Alex Ro, 13 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the diary of Anne Frank, that I read in school, and not to discriminate and that the Jews faced a lot of things back then.

Joshua, 12 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

It was a joy reading the Diary of Anne Frank. I learned so much from reading this book. I learned a lot about how the jews were treated and the life at the concentration camp. I still don't understand how they survived being in the secret annex for how long they were with 8 people. I felt sorry for when Otto Frank reterned from the camp knowing his family and roomates didn"t survive.

Nori A. Smith, 13 - Carson - United States - 13 Jun 2013