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Whenever I read or think about the story Anne Frank it makes me think what she went through and how it affected her life it influences me so much. It makes me think to myself what she went through and how fortunate I am to not have went through that horrible time. Each time I listen to the story I am heartbroken to know how difficult life was. I am truly inspired and I hope her story is known by many.

Lianne, 12 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

Reading the story of Anne Frank made me realize how fortunate we are today. Back in Anne's time Hitler blamed everything on the Jews and performed genocide. This is very unfortunate for Anne because she is a Jew. Reading Anne's diary gives us an faint idea of how life was back then for a Jew. Everyday you would have to worry about the Nazis capturing and sending you to concentration camps, or gas chambers. You also can't talk loudly during the day in fear of being found out. The war also made supplies limited, so they didn't have new clothes, shoes, or filling meals. Even though Anne was in hiding for quite a long time, she was eventually captured by the Nazis. The Nazis took everyone in the annex (the Frank family, Van Daan family, and Mr. Dussel) to the concentration camps. When they arrived to be sorted into the different camps the female were separated from the male, so Anne never saw her father again. There, Anne and the rest of the Jews were dehumanized and forced to work. If you were too weak to work- well let's say it wasn't your lucky day and you would be killed. Anne and her sister were eventually sent to Bergen-Belsen where they were given no food, clothes, etc. and were forced to die a slow and painful death of starvation. There, Anne and her sister Margot died just two weeks before they were to be liberated.

Marie, United Kingdom - 13 Jun 2013

While I was reading Anne Frank's diary, I felt sympathy towards Anne and the other annexe members. Staying in the same place for two years without such technology as we have now would have made me crazy and yet Anne was still able to stand strong and have hope. And although I had already know how terrible Hitler and the Nazis were, the horribleness was renewed as I saw what had happened to Anne and the others after they were captured in the movie. After reading Anne Frank's diary, it led me to way of seeing how horrible the decisions of the the past were.

Tiffany Lee, United States - 13 Jun 2013

While reading Anne Frank, I've learned that even during hardships that she was going through, you should always have hope in yourself. I felt so bad for her to live in such a tiny hiding place for such a long time. I know if I was in her position, I would of gone mad. Therefore, Anne is a very important girl because she sets a lot of examples for us people today.

Aditi Parikh , 13 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013

After I finished reading A Diary of a Young Girl with the rest of my English class, I felt that it inspired me to always be thankful for everything, because it just might all be taken from you in an instant. Anne was amazing. She was able to have everything taken away from her, her possessions, her friends, and even her home, but was still cheerful until the very end. We should follow her example and never lose hope for anything.

Ryan, 13 - Cerritos, CA - United States - 13 Jun 2013

I think Anne Frank taught me and my classmates alot about world war 2 and how it affected Jewish people in so many really bad ways I think what Anne wrote was really interesting, but at the same time really sad.

jaineel, 13 - Cerritos - United States - 13 Jun 2013