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nice and inspireing person

bob, 23 - newcastle - United Kingdom - 21 May 2013

I have read & reread the diary of Anne Frank many times since I was a young girl. I still have my original copy. My own daughter also read it. I last visited this museum about 35 yrs ago. It is as moving now as it was the first time. Love the interactive area that addresses current moral, ethical & social issues & makes us see some of them from a different perspective. What a great idea & a wonderful way to perpetuate the tolerance & acceptance that was absent in Nazi Germany & a world that allowed the Shoah to occur.

Ronni Wofsy Bergman, 61 - Edison, NJ - United States - 19 May 2013

Anne Frank is an insperation. She was such a great writer and it is sad to know what happened. I wish I could vist the Annex one day.

Carley Anne, 13 - United States - 19 May 2013

Anne was such a great writer for someone so young. Her works of fiction in 'tales from the secret annexe' show a real talent for story-telling. Must reads are 'eva's dream','katje' and 'paula's flight'.

Gavin Young, 39 - Qld - Australia - 18 May 2013

I am so inspired by this story. I learned about Anne Frank in school but I never really paid any attention .When I was a child I didn't understand the meaning of it all.i just recently took an interest in learning about important history...Anne frank was a very brave young lady and I look up to her in ways.Its to bad that her life was cut short.i think the Nazi civilization took it way to far .they took many innocent peoples lives. I just don't understand y we have war. we are one world and we will only get one chance to live on earth y doesn't the world just stick togetrher..

maranda bass, 22 - pawtucket - United States - 16 May 2013

She is such an inspiring person to many: young, old, male and female.She was truly beautiful. With great character and because of that, I find her heart, mind and soul, to be beautiful as well.

Madisen Majors , 18 - Fontana - United States - 12 May 2013