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Just got back to Australia after travellinv around Europe. Visiting the Anne Frank House was one of the most moving things I have done and that was before I read her diary. Now that I have finished it, I will return to the house one day again. An amazing life and diary - thank you Anne and Otto for sharing.

Jane, 22 - Australia - 12 Jun 2013

For years I have admired Anne Frank's resilience,courage and optimism during that time in her life which she had to endure the hardest things that happened in humanity. However, I knew this by watching videos and in classes; I had never read her diary. These past weeks I have been able to do so, and it makes me confirm and reconfirm Anne's strength and love.She teaches us a lesson we should all keep alive in our minds and hearts. I now desperately want to visit the house in Amsterdam. Hopefully in the not too distant future I will be able to do so. Thank you Anne Frank. Gracias!

Magdalena, 24 - Buenos Aires - Argentina - 11 Jun 2013

My 7th grade English class has just completed the novel and the move (Anne Frank: The Whole Story), and the students had a great learning experience. Thank you!

Jamie`Strouse, 34 - Cerritos - United States - 11 Jun 2013

Dear Sir-Madam, @10/06/2013. AEST. Through a main newspaper here in Melbourne, VIC., l came to learn of The Anne Frank Exhibition now showing at the Gold Museum, Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, VIC.(l have an Auntie who lives in Ballarat too).lt is a 100 minute trip by diesel train. l decided then and there, l would go to see this exhibition. l especially wanted to view first hand, for myself , actual documents, photographs, film footage, and hear stories from the video "The Short life of Anne Frank", etc., of Anne, her family and the other people with them in hiding, about their life's and times during that terrible, terrible, era. Items l had never seen or heard before. Though many years ago, l did read the book "The Diary of Anne Frank", my own copy, and saw a movie about Anne too. This exhibition cleared up for me certain mis-conceptions of the Franks times and their fate. l was especially saddened to tears by the stark reality of the fate which both Anne and her sister Margot suffered so much, so near to the time of liberation of their last days in Auschwitz and yet unreachable for their own life's safety. This is something l was not aware of except through your exhibition. Anne and Margot remind me of my two nieces. The Miracle(s), as l would call them of this Anne's life's horrible tragedy are: One: Annes Diary. God bless her for writing it in the first place.( A pity Margots diary was not found). Two: There was one survivor. A living eye witness; Otto Frank. Through his close friends and him, the dairy was published for the public to witness. Three: the fact that the actual buildings have been saved and been made into a memorial, if you like to "Anne Frank, her family and the other folk who were in hiding with them". In addition, it brings into the light the terrible affects of what the Holocaust presented too. Especially through the endearing life of Anne Frank, and her diaries and her family. My interest is never casual with this matter. As l have said, l believe a number of miracles have taken place for all this to survive and be made public. Please keep "The Diary of Anne Frank'' and Anne alive with what you are doing. Lastly, l am grateful to you guys for bringing this exhibition to: Ballarat, (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia. l personally would be none the wiser for the life situation of Anne and her family and friends in those terrible times. Kind Regards. George Knott, Au. PS: Thank you for this GuestBook.

George Knott, 56 - West Footscray - Australia - 10 Jun 2013

I visited Amsterdam and anne franks museum in April this year. I can only say that the preservation of the diary and its continuos legacy are a Miracle. Anne is not a victim but a hero who gets to live on in the lives of thoes who have read her diary and visited the museum. Otto Frank - you are a dad every girl would wish to have. Thank you for giving us Annes diary . May your soul truly rest in peace.

JEnnifer bu, 42 - Port moresby - Papua New Guinea - 10 Jun 2013


MIRIAM GAENICKE, 37 - Bakersfield - United States - 10 Jun 2013