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I hope that mankind will, in the future, be touched by the diary of Anne Frank, and not do anything similar to the Holocaust again. Anne has inspired me; she is an example that you can endure anything with God. Her diary has opened my eyes to the struggles of WWII... it wasn't only hard for the prisoners of concentration camps but also for those in hiding.

bob, United Kingdom - 6 Jun 2013

I first read Anne's diary when I was 14, and I read it every year. It always brings me to tears. She is an inspirational young woman and so talented. I'm glad she got her diary for her birthday other wise I wouldn't have learnt life lessons, not to take everything for granted. Thank You Anne.

Bronwyn, 17 - United Kingdom - 6 Jun 2013

I am coming to Amsterdam to see your beautiful country but most of all to see Anne Franks Annex you did a great job thank you very much

Rita, 57 - Birzebbuga - Malta - 6 Jun 2013

A short while ago I read the full unedited version of Anne's diary. It made me laugh at the worst of times, and made me cry even more. I felt horrible for the things The Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Pfeiffer had to endure. I don't believe I could have. I also read Miep's Memoir of her time in WWII and That furthered the fondness I feel for Anne and all the helpers and hidden Jews in Het Achterhuis! I have watched countless movies, and even hope to go to Amsterdam next summer! R.I.P. Anne, Margot, Otto, Edith, Fritz, Auguste, Hermann, Peter, Miep, Bep Johannes K, Johannes V, Victor, and Jan! <3

Brian, 14 - New Jersey - United States - 3 Jun 2013

This site is gr8 my condolsense for the Franks

Akshat, 15 - Indore - India - 2 Jun 2013

Reading Anne's diary and about her story made me realize how much we take for granted. We can do whatever we want, say whatever we want, believe in whatever we want, but millions of people died in the Holocaust because they stood up for their faith. It has made me really thankful for everything I have and taught me to live my life to the fullest because some people never got to experience that. Rest in peace Anne.

Alessandra Sartalamacchia, 17 - New York, NY - United States - 24 May 2013