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I have never visited the "Anne Frank Museum" but I wish I can! Anne Frank shows Strength, Courage, and even Love to everyone she meets. She is a Wonderful Girl!

Alexandra Maskay, 16 - Pittsburgh - United States - 2 May 2013

Anne Frank is amazing, an absolute inspiration. It's so sad that she died in a concentration camp, so many people look up to her as a hero. God bless her soul.

Kelsey, 14 - Houston - United States - 1 May 2013

My daughter loves anything Anne Frank hope to visit there one day saw local tour and it was great. Wish you easier way to find prices of items we can order not easy knowing how much to send. Thanks awesome site J davis

joy davis, 49 - Laurel Hill NC - United States - 1 May 2013

Great site!

Bucky, United Kingdom - 30 Apr 2013

Very interesting and super fun to explore! Definetly a must-see website!

Amanda K and Emily S, United Kingdom - 26 Apr 2013

anne frank serves as a symbol of the human spirit that is endommitubull even under the most horrific seircumstances (not everything is spelled correctly)

Kaitlyn, 12 - anchorage - United States - 26 Apr 2013