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I believe the Dairy of Anne Frank shows how important it is to have hope in a time of despair . Anne says that she still believes there is good in people even after everything going on . I feel as if Anne would have cried and felt helpless , the inspirational side of her story would be non-existent .

Sophia Benavidez, 14 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

The Diary of Anne Frank is going to be one of my favorites. I have yet to read the masterpiece but my mother has recommended that i read it. I have now read the first act of the play and act two of the movie. I was almost brought to tears by how powerful it was.

Indiana Murray, 13 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

Anne Frank is so strong for going through all of the hate of the jews and living in a cramp attic for more than two year

matthew lara, 14 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

this story is very heartbreaking because of how close they were to surviving throughout the time Hitler killed the Jews.If I was in her position I would be terrified i cant imagine the things Anne and her family witnessed and had to do..I would have gone nuts living in an attic for almost 2 year.. at least Anne was able to put her thoughts on paper because her diary is a very treasured item that will always and will be Anne's diary helping us understand more during that time period.

Fernando Brito, 14 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

Anne Frank was an true believer in better things, she always looked at the positive side of a situation. She wanted what was best for everyone and for that, she'll be remembered.

Ethan T, 14 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

I haven't read Anne's diary yet but I hope to do that soon and visit the annex later on. She's a huge inspiration for maintaining positivity in the worst situations.

Raini Conlan, 14 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017