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Very interesting and super fun to explore! Definetly a must-see website!

Amanda K and Emily S, United Kingdom - 26 Apr 2013

anne frank serves as a symbol of the human spirit that is endommitubull even under the most horrific seircumstances (not everything is spelled correctly)

Kaitlyn, 12 - anchorage - United States - 26 Apr 2013

It' give you very good insight in your life.... never loose HOPE.

Angelo Pia, 36 - Iligan City - Philippines - 25 Apr 2013

I loved the Anne Frank tour! I learned so many different components, while going through the Secret Annex virtually! I did't know Anne had such a small bedroom and she got to decorate it, with some posters of movie stars!

Regan, 13 - United Kingdom - 25 Apr 2013

I am Palestinian from Jerusalem its sad that I could not say that about myself as Palestine is NOT listed as a country on this site. I have read Anne dairy and walked through secret annexe and throughout I related with Anne on so many things it was almost unbelievable. As my people are also going through an occupation I find it sad that what Anne has thought us is being lost as Israel continues to violate basic human rights of Palestinian whom people like Anne dead to preserve. I hope that silence towards the injustice against Palestinians and many others around the world is lifted soon so Anne can get her true wish of not being discriminated, killed or occupied because your from the wrong race or religion. Anne thank you for reminding me of my duty for humanity, I can only hope other stand with me against injustice world wide. (Please keep Syria and Palestine in your thoughts, they need you.) "Injustice ANYwhere is a threat to justice EVERYwhere" MLKJ

Aya Dama, 22 - Tulkerm Palestine - Canada - 25 Apr 2013

You should visit the bathroom because it really shows how limited their life was, and how much Anne and her family had to adjust. Next, you should visit the Frank family room. All the Franks share one big room, when they are used to having individual rooms. This shows again, how much they had to adjust. Lastly, you should make a visit to the Vaan Daan's room. They all have to combine a kitchen and two bedrooms. Also, their room used to be a laboratory which I thought was interesting.

Amulya and Kailee, United Kingdom - 24 Apr 2013