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This is a very interesting tour. There are so many places you can go. I liked seeing Anne's bedroom because it is very historical. The chestnut tree was very interesting because Anne talks about it in her diary. Peter's room was very suprising but cool. He lives in the cupboard under the stairs like Harry Potter.

Matt Jake, 107 - New York - Syria - 23 Apr 2013

It is a part of history that will and should never be forgotten, due to the terrible things that happened during this time. Three rooms that should be visited are Anne's room, the bathroom, and the kitchen. These should be visited because they all represent the harsh conditions the people had to live in and the struggle of the time.

Abby and Angela, United Kingdom - 23 Apr 2013

I think that future visitors should definitely see Anne's bedroom, the entrance to the secret annex, and Otto, Edith, and Margot Frank's bedroom. Anne's bedroom gives special insight to her interests like the royal family. The entrance to the secret annex shows how much care and thought went into hiding the Franks. Otto, Edith, and Margot Frank's room allows a unique viewpoint of a Jewish family in hiding during the Holocaust.

Joe P., United Kingdom - 23 Apr 2013

This was a great tour! It was fun to see where the Anne Frank's lived. In the bathroom that Anne shared Anne constantly tried to become more beautiful that Margot. In the parents bedroom, the height markings showed how much Edith cared about her children. In Anne's room she had a table that she was restricted from visiting.

Vaishnavi and Sagarika, United States - 23 Apr 2013

We feel that the three rooms are there as a memorial to the courage and bravery Anne Frank mustered. Three of the best rooms to visit are, Otto Frank's room, Anne Frank's room, and the private office. These rooms are important for everyone to see because they hold the details of the Frank family and their struggles while in hiding.

Max and Asesh , United States - 23 Apr 2013

When you are visiting Anne Frank's "Secret Annexe," we encourage you to visit Anne's room, the kitchen, and the attic. You should visit Anne's room because this is where she spent most of her time. You should visit the kitchen because this is where the Van Pels and the Franks met for meals every day. Finally, you should visit the attic because this is where Anne got most of her writing done.

Christian Fernandez and Jason Perlstein, United States - 23 Apr 2013