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Listening to these short stories about Anne Franks life and seeing a video about what she had to hide in made me get many different feelings. One of them was scared. I was scared because of hearing all these things that Anne had to go through must have been so hard. All day hiding in a secret annex behind a bookshelf without not being able to go outside, see your friends, or do anything else. For seeing how strong Anne was to do this I respect her.

Abigail Christian, 12 - Simi Valley - United States - 24 Apr 2013

this tour is super cool! you should check out Annes room, it tells many things about what Anne liked to do and what kind of things that she did in her room. the bathroom was also very interesting to look at and see what the people living there thought about having only one bathroom. one other room you should visit is the secret annex living place it shows what a small room the families had to live in. the tour is very interesting and i would recomend it to anyone who asked.

Makai, oak park - United States - 23 Apr 2013

we were pretty surprised on how small the secret annexe was for 8 people. we also thought that it would be difficult two have different families hiding,and not being able to come outside for 2 years.

Trevor, Saurabh, Oak Park - United States - 23 Apr 2013

Very interesting and cool; definitely want to go there!

Emanuel, -26 - United States - 23 Apr 2013

We felt that the rooms were fairly large compared to what we expected.

Vinay_Jacob, 12 - United States - 23 Apr 2013

It was really cool and a great experience to see the Secret Annex in 3-D. It gave us a better perspective on how they lived. You should look at Anne Franks room, living room, attic, and the movable bookcase. We learned a lot from this and you should definitely check these rooms out!

Alexa and Julia, 13 - Oak Park - United States - 23 Apr 2013