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We feel that the three rooms are there as a memorial to the courage and bravery Anne Frank mustered. Three of the best rooms to visit are, Otto Frank's room, Anne Frank's room, and the private office. These rooms are important for everyone to see because they hold the details of the Frank family and their struggles while in hiding.

Max and Asesh , United States - 23 Apr 2013

When you are visiting Anne Frank's "Secret Annexe," we encourage you to visit Anne's room, the kitchen, and the attic. You should visit Anne's room because this is where she spent most of her time. You should visit the kitchen because this is where the Van Pels and the Franks met for meals every day. Finally, you should visit the attic because this is where Anne got most of her writing done.

Christian Fernandez and Jason Perlstein, United States - 23 Apr 2013

future guests should see the spice room because it is very interesting and serves as a total different purpose. Also, huests should see the living room of the annex because they should see what eight people have to put up with and how its very cramped. Lastly, guests should visit Anne's room because its very small and there is no privacy even though theres two people. These are three rooms guests should visit.

Eric Wang and Kyle Wheatley, United States - 23 Apr 2013

The Secret Annexe was very well thought out. Anne Frank's room provides a lot of information about her interests. The Franks' room showed information about what each family member did in their free time. The dining room had an audio clip that told us a bit about every single resident in the Secret Annexe. It also told us what Anne though about everyone. The Secret Annexe was interesting and enjoyable to explore.

Claire/Michelle, United Kingdom - 23 Apr 2013

On this visual tour, you should visit the bathroom, because it's very funny to hear about Pfeffer hogging the bathroom. You should also visit the Van Pelts' room. It's very spacious and most like a home. Lastly, you should visit Anne's room. It's full of movie stars. It's very lively there because of the pictures.

Chynna & Felicia, United States - 23 Apr 2013

We looked at the Frank's rooms, attic, and Peter's rooms. We think others should go to the 3D version of the house because it helped us understand the book and Anne's story. The Frank's room was very small but, well furnished. The attic was messy and had less furniture. Lastly, Peter's room was very cheerful but, very small and had a staircase in the middle of it.

Ashlyn & Harper, Zambia - 23 Apr 2013