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Aviv: Visiting the Secret Annex online really helped me understand how Anne and her family lived during the tough times during the war.

Aviv Maish, Kevin Bays, United States - 23 Apr 2013

First, you should visit the book case because it is very interesting to see the double layer door. Then, you should head to Anne's room to see her living quarters. Finally, you should visit Peter's and look at the interesting arrangement.

Brandon Jonathan, United Kingdom - 23 Apr 2013

Among everything in this story and everything to know and see about her, her actual diary is that one physical piece that stands above everything else. Even the virtual tour gives that feeling as you see it sitting on her desk in her room. It held her very soul in her words and the vision of a higher love that she has given to so many people. It's amazing how such a piece of history has been frozen and preserved because of Otto and this organization. Thank you. I hope to visit the Annex one day.

Eric Burt, 23 - Ammon, Idaho - United States - 22 Apr 2013

I can't stop reading about her. I love the way she never lost her hope. I am soooooooooo!!!!!! glad hitler is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i got to meet the legend.

Jennifer Hinerman, 10 - pittsburgh - United States - 17 Apr 2013

The Anne Frank movie taught me lots about the war and the Holocaust. Writing a diary, telling every detail that happened, day by day. How the jews were treated, everyone should be treated equally. I really enjoyed reading the book and watching the movie. May Anne and her family, rest in peace.

Michelle, 28 - North Bay, Ontario Canada - Canada - 17 Apr 2013

After my teacher telling us about Anne frank now I'm so in love with her movie and I'm ready to watch more. R.I.P 🙌🙏

Jamilatou, 14 - Beltsville - United States - 16 Apr 2013