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Loved all those info and pics. Felt as if I was living in that era. By reading itself I am scared and shocked about the Nazi period. Cant even imagine how they treated people then. I will get my copy of Anne Frank diary ASAP. Also, I have added it to my wishlist to visit Netherlands once in my life to visit the museum/house. She still lives through her diary notes though her dreams were never fulfilled. Wish if she had survived..

Melvin Augustine, 26 - Hyderabad - India - 16 Apr 2013

It's a moment of history which should not be forgotten. People should be still learning about it in 400 years time in my opinion.

Joseph, 19 - Manchester - United Kingdom - 16 Apr 2013

I was introduced to Anne Frank's diary in 1978 and to the films shot by hitler, nothing in life other than the loss of my own mother has ever thouched me as much as Anne's story. At the age of 12 I started working for a Jewish couple (Annie and Max) I noticed a number on Annie's arm but she would never talk about it, i soon discovered what that numbers meant and the increadible story that went with it. I did not quite get the picture until i started going to the library and started researching and understanding what really happened. I am still mesmorized by the cruelty that humans are capable of. i had the honor of visiting the hiding place in Amsterdam and I was overwelmed and over come by emotion. I pray that we never allow such cruelty to happen again. Let us never forget what happens when someone dicides that if you are different you should not be treated the same or have the right to live.

Anthony Bento, 50 - Toronto - Canada - 15 Apr 2013

I visited the Anne Frank Museum several times and as the son of Jewish holocaust survivors from Hungary I am gratefull for such a powerfull memorial, also I don't find Justin B's remarks offensive. May many young people visit and learn.

jeff, 52 - jerusalem - Israel - 15 Apr 2013

Visiting Anne Frank's house was a very moving experience. One could almost feel her presence.

Valery khanna, 67 - Epping - United Kingdom - 13 Apr 2013

I read about what happened to Anne Frank she and her family didn't deserve to die the way they did when Hitler was in charge. I believe someday I will visit Netherlands, Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank House Mesuem because I believe it will be a great experience to witness and learn more about her.

Matt, Cameroon - 11 Apr 2013