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I've just finished reading Anne's diary and it's not often you can truly feel touched and inspired by words the way you can when reading hers. A lesson in appreciating the little joys of life and never allowing such cruelty that happened to so many happen again. A true masterpiece

Sofie, 19 - United Kingdom - 9 Apr 2013

The Museum of Anne Frank has been a great inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Susanne Schubert, 72 - Leipzig - Germany - 3 Apr 2013

The movie was very action packed and, I couldn't wait for the ending

Mekhi Alexander, 13 - Pennsylvannia - United States - 1 Apr 2013

i love all of the info and photos. i have 20 grandkids.

SHARON WINDEN, 75 - steilacoom. wa. - United States - 1 Apr 2013

The movie was great and really made me feel like I was in the Holocaust. How Anne was narrating what she was writing was a good way of describing her everyday life. Its sad to hear about the Jews and how they were treated. Everyone should be treated equally. The surprising thing about the movie was how it was filmed in the same place that Anne and her family were living in. This is an amazing story and may Anne and her family rest in peace.

Laila Madanat, 12 - Coatesville - United States - 1 Apr 2013

Anne Frank, Otto Frank and the whole family are such a motivation to me that having only known them through what I've read has changed my life and helped me to appreciate even the smallest wonders in life. David Hudson

David Hudson, 50 - Spanaway - United States - 1 Apr 2013